Customer Part No. Supplier Part No. Product Description Drawings / Documents / Specifications
Survitec RFD Australia X-807D 807 Bracket Modified for Collins Subs
Caterpillar X-xxx Specially Designed HD SS Bracket for Machines
Fireworld E-450 Label Specially Designed Label for the Presto model 4.5kg ABE
E-900 Label Specially Designed Label for the Presto model 9.0kg ABE
Atlas Copco X-PTS-800-3 Atlas PTS-800 Control Panel Special Bracket
X-XRVS-1050-1 Atlas XRVS-1050-CX4004 FirePro Special Bracket
X-XRVS-1050-2 AX-1021 Atlas XRVS-1050-CX4004 Control Panel Special Bracket
X-Y-1260 AX-1022 Atlas Y-1260-CX4003 Control Panel Special Bracket
X-XAVS1800-3 Atlas XRVS-1800-CX4004 Control Panel Special Bracket
FirePro FP-14053B AX-1004 FirePro External Actuator Bracket to suit 14053 Switch
FP-08451B AX-1018 FirePro Control Panel Mounting Bracket to Suit FP-08451
AX-1017 Sunshade to Suit External Sigma Signs
AX-1023 Bracket for Kalmar for Detection Mounting in Transformer Room
FP-06100 AX-1019 FirePro Bracket to Suit 1200-5700 units
FP-06200 AX-1005 FirePro Bracket to Suit 100-500 units
FP-06300 FirePro Bracket to Suit 40-80 units
FP-08944 Combined Siren Module Suit multiple 08450 Control Panels
Sydney Trains X-807D FP-06200 Bracket Modified for MTPV-Trains