STORED PRESSURE 50 lb. and 125/150 lb.
Specifications 50LB Dry Chemical 125/150LB Dry Chemical
Model 495 496 497 488 489 490
UL Rating 20A:160B:C 160B:C 160B:C 30A:240B:C 240B:C 320B:C
Capacity 50Lbs 22.7kg 125Lbs 57kg 150Lbs 68kg 125Lbs 57kg
Shipping Weight 79kg 156 kg 167 kg 156 kg
Dimensions H W D 1210 x 600 x 600mm 1360 x 720 x 1020mm
Discharge Time 35 sec 48 sec
Discharge Range 7-10m 9-12m
Operating Temp -40 to +49 deg C -54 to +49 deg C
Hose Length 7.6m 15m
Hose Diameter 127mm 190mm
US Coast Guard Approved Yes
These commercial stored pressure extinguishers are available in a choice of two sizes and three chemical options. The carriage design on both sizes provides cage type protection for the agent cylinder as well as a well balanced platform for transportation and operation. The narrow width and easy rolling semi-pneumatic rubber tire wheels allow one person movement through narrow aisles, doorways and in confined areas. Chemical and pressure is sealed in the agent cylinder, ready for instant actuation and is always protected from contamination. Stored pressure wheeled extinguishers are less expensive to purchase as well as easier and less costly to maintain and service.
  • Brass hose fittings
  • Quick opening valves
  • Live swivel on discharge valve
  • Instructional label
  • Lifting eyes 125-150 lb. models
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • DOT/TC cylinders
• Brass valve – chrome-plated on 125-150 lb. models
• Aluminum UL/ULC nameplates with bar codes
• Heavy duty steel cylinder, carriage and hose rack
• Chrome-forged brass fill cap on 125-150 lb. models
• Large fill opening on 125-150 lb. models
• Stainless steel gauge guard on 125-150 lb. models
• Six-year warranty