NITROGEN CYLINDER OPERATED Regulated Pressure – ABE, BE or PURPLE K Dry Chemical

125/150 lb. Regulated Pressure – ABC, REGULAR, PURPLE K Dry Chemical. These 110 ft3 nitrogen cylinder operated models feature a pressure regulator and two wheel options.

This traditional design allows for adequate pressure to assure a smooth, complete discharge of the dry chemical with pressure reserve for blowing down the discharge hose.

Choose either the 16″ semi-pneumatic rubber tire or 36″ X 2½” steel wheels according to the area to be protected. Easy to transport and operate by one person.

Specifications SEMI Pneumatic Wheels STEEL Wheels
Model 467 468 469 470 471 472
UL Rating 30A:240B:C 240B:C 320B:C 30A:240B:C 240B:C 320B:C
FM Approved Yes Yes
USCG Approved Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Capacity 125 Lb 150 Lb 125 Lb 125 Lb 150 Lb 125 Lb
Shipping Weight 183 kg 195 kg 183 kg 196 kg 207 kg 196 kg
Dimensions H W D 1320 x 660 x 970mm 1320 x 710 x 1140mm
Discharge Time 43 sec 53 sec 52 sec 48 sec 53 sec 52 sec
Discharge Range 9-12m
Operating Temp -54 to +49 deg C
Hose Length 15m
Hose Diameter 190mm 190mm
Nitrogen Cyl Capacity 110 C.ft 3115 L 110 C.ft 3115 L

Brochure Parts List

▪ Brass hose fittings
▪ Stainless Steel Collars
▪ Chrome Plated Brass Fill Caps
▪ Live Swivels on Discharge Valve
▪ Heavy duty steel cylinder, carriage and hose rack
▪ Aluminum UL/ULC nameplates with bar codes
▪ Lifting Eyes
▪ DOT/TC cylinders
▪ Chrome Plated Brass Regulator
▪ Six-year warranty