Specifications 32.5 GAL 123L Class F
Model No. 325
Agent Wet Chemical
Shipping Weight 209 kg
Dimensions – mm 1450 x 870 x 990
Discharge Time 210 sec
Discharge Range 4-6 m
Nitrogen Cylinder 23 C.Ft 651 L
Operating Temp. +0deg C to +49deg C
Hose Length 15 m
Wheel Dimensions 915 x 152mm
Model 325R utilizes a Class “K” liquid agent that contains a special potassium acetate base formula. More efficient cooking appliances and use of vegetable based cooking oils require the use of extinguishers with greater fire fighting capacity and cooling effect to combat these very hot and difficult fires. This water based agent extinguisher also provides excellent capabilities for Class “A” hazards. The superior fire fighting capability of the Wet Chemical agent is placed exactly where you aim to minimize clean up.

A single wheeled extinguisher will protect a fryer containing up to 560 gallons of vegetable shortening and is intended only for appliance protection of large commercial deep fat fryers. The energy source to the appliance should be shut off as soon as conditions are safe to do so. Completely discharge the extinguisher onto the burning oil to allow cooling and prevent re-ignition. This extinguisher is not intended to take the place of a fixed fire suppression system for large commercial/industrial cooking operations. This extinguisher should only be used as supplemental fire protection in addition to a properly installed and designed automatic fire suppression system.

  • Brass hose fittings
  • Stainless Steel Collars
  • Chrome Plated Brass Fill Caps
  • Live Swivels on Discharge Valve
• Aluminum UL/ULC nameplates with bar codes
• DOT/TC cylinders
• Heavy duty cylinder, carriage and hose rack
• Five-year warranty