Large volume CO2 protection provided in either 50 or 100 lb. (2 – 50 lb. cylinders) wheeled extinguishers. Rugged construction and easy to operate with a “quick opening” ‘T’ handle valve and horn mounted shut-off valve. A logical choice in areas where a Class B:C non-contaminating agent is required and where hand portable extinguishers do not provide adequate protection.

▪ Heavy duty steel carriages
▪ Squeeze grip chrome-plated discharge valve
▪ Reinforced wire-braided hose and shock-resistant horn to reduce static electricity
▪ Brass hose fittings
▪ Aluminum UL/ULC nameplates with bar codes
▪ Instructional label
▪ DOT/TC cylinder with quick opening brass valve
▪ Clean, non-contaminating, odorless gas
▪ Five-year warranty

Specifications Carbon Dioxide CO2
Model No. 333 334
Capacity 50 Lb 100 Lb
UL Rating 20B:C 20B:C
Shipping Weight 117 kg 210 kg
Dimensions – mm 1200 x 590 x 1220 1200 x 590 x 1220
Discharge Time 44 sec 74 sec
Discharge Range 3-5 m
Operating Temp. -30deg C to +49deg C
Hose Length 12 m
Wheel Dimensions 410 x 102mm 410 x 102mm

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