Ships at sea present a serious challenge for fire protection, with a variety of hazard areas ranging from engine rooms to galleys to cargo spaces that have the potential for a fire to erupt. Ships contain all the elements necessary for a fire…oxygen, fuel and ignition sources. All it takes to spark a fire is an ignition source like an electrical short, a piece of overheated equipment or a hot turbocharger. The problem is compounded with the potential for a fire to occur when the vessel is far from the nearest port. The challenge is to protect the passengers and crew, prevent an environmental disaster and save a high-value marine asset.

Marine Fire Safety requires and is regulated by a totally different set of standards. The applicable regulations – The Safety of Life at Sea Convention is the most important of the international treaties governing the safety of marine vessels, and was adopted in 1914 following the Titanic disaster. Most foreign flagged vessels visiting Australia will have fixed fire suppression systems complying with International Maritime Organisation – Marine Equipment Directive requirements. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority regulates light commercial vessel safety around Australia while state and territory agencies administer safety requirements for private vessels.

Specialist knowledge is required as these suppression systems are designed to protect gasoline and diesel engine compartments on boats and inspected marine vessels.

Vessel owners and operators are keen to protect marine assets the best-on-offer fire suppression systems. FirePro has proven to meet and surpass their expectations.Naval architects choose FirePro as an effective means of fire suppression that meets IMO standards as well as requirements for space and weight which can reduce fuel loads. FirePro protects at low maintenance cost a wide variety of vessels ranging from navy flotillas, cruise ships, ro-ro, cargo ships and small boats through to some of the world’s most luxurious yachts. With strict compliance to marine codes of practice and standards, FirePro systems are easily installed on new or retrofit applications in a comfortably short time.

– Cargo Spaces
– Control Rooms
– Engine Rooms
– Galleys
– Lube Oil Rooms
– Machinery Spaces
– Paint Lockers
– Switchgear Spaces
– Thruster Rooms
– Cargo Ships
– Ferries
– Fishing Vessels
– Military
– Offshore Support Vessels
– Offshore Rigs and Platforms
– Workboats
– Yachts
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