Triple Hose Test Unit
Part Number 4G58918

Brochure Manual

Tests to 50 Bar
Ideal for testing fire hose and wheeled fire extinguishers
Completely portable
Internal By-pass system
Operates with shop air compressor or nitrogen cylinder with regulator
Capable of testing 300 FT of hose per outlet. 3 outlets = 900 FT at a time
Bypass water valve to manifold in order to fill hoses faster.
Pressure bypass valve settable from 100 to 1000 PSI.
Low RPM air motor for controlled pressure rise.
Non electrical design, suitable for petroleum plant operation.
Multiport plunger pump for controlled pressure settings.
Aluminum 3 port manifold with quick connect couplers.
¼ turn air bleed valve on manifold.
0-1000 PSI calibrated pressure gauge.
4 swivel casters to adjust to hose twist when pressurizing.
Rugged all white power coated square tubular frame.
Meets or exceeds NFPA standards.
Requires inlet air supply producing 80-100 PSI at 12-18 CFM