Ideal for Raised Platforms such as HELICOPTER PADS large volume CO2 protection in either 50lb or 100lb.  Rugged construction and easy to operate with a quick opening handle valve and horn mounted shut off valve.  A logical choice in areas where a non contaminating agent is required and where hand portable extinguishers are insufficient.

▪ Brass Valve Construction
▪ U.L. Listed
▪ US Coast Guard Approved

Model 333 334
Applicator Hose and Horn with Shut off Valve
Extension Wand Part Number 6502009
UL Rating 20B : C
Operating Temperature -40° – +120°F / -40° – +40°C
Discharge Time 44 sec 74 sec
Capacity 50lb / 22.7kg 100lb / 45kg
Shipping Specifications
Shipping Weight (Empty) 117 Kg 209 Kg
Dimensions 1200(h) x 580(w) x 1220(d) mm
Product Specifications
Hose Length 4.5m 12m
Hose Diameter 60 mm
Wheels Full Pneumatic 410 x 100 mm

Model 333 50lb Wheeled complete with 4.5m Hose

Model 334 100lb Wheeled complete with 12m Hose

Extension Wand
Customised Wand Lengths available

Optional 12m Extended Hose for Model 333 Wheeled Unit
Part No. J-09545

Stationery Mount Available on request