Class D Fire Extinguishers

Specifications CLASS D Dry Powder
Model 570 571
Powder Type Sodium Chloride Copper
Capacity 30 lbs
Shipping Specifications
Dimensions 705 x 410 x 180 mm
Shipping Weight 24 kg
Product Specifications
Range – Applicator 1 – 2 m
Range – Nozzle 7 – 8 m
Discharge Time – Applicator 28 sec
Discharge Time – Nozzle 20 sec
Application Hose and Nozzle or Applicator
Standard Bracket Wall Bracket
FM Certificates
Parts List
User Manual
MODEL 570 contains a special blended Sodium Chloride based dry powder extinguishing agent. Heat from the fire causes it to cake and form a crust excluding air and dissipating heat from burning metal. Metal fires involving magnesium, sodium, potassium and sodium-potassium alloys, zirconium, uranium, titanium, and powdered aluminium.

MODEL 571 contains a copper extinguishing agent specially developed by the U.S. Navy for fighting lithium and lithium alloy fires. The copper compound smothers the fire and provides an excellent heat sink for dissipating heat. Copper powder has been found to be superior to all other known fire extinguishing agents for lithium.

These EXTINGUISHERS are pressurised using ARGON. Argon is an inert gas that will not react with combustible metals. Nitrogen pressurising gas could cause a reaction when used on certain combustible metal fires. Air pressurising SHOULD NEVER be used, as even the slightest amount of moisture will cause a violent reaction will Class D Materials.

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