FP-08451 Control Panel FP-08850 Delayed Discharge Module FP-08860 Shutdown Module FP-08870 Power Control Backup Module FP-08800 FirePro Test Simulator
Control Panel.Features • Manual or Auto operation • Twin power supply inputs • 2 Detection circuits – works with Thermal ROR, smoke detectors, or LHD • All circuits monitored • Options for delayed or 2nd shot and Shutdown relay • 12-24vDC. Delay Discharge Module allows for the addition of FirePro Generators above the limit of 4 in the standard panel. Also provides for delayed discharge of units should longer agent discharge time is required • All circuits monitored. Shutdown Module – connects via the siren circuit, and will allow for selectable delays for the shutdown of devices. It Provides a volt Free Contact (NO or NC) which can be used with appropriately rated relays. Power Control Module allows for secondary power supply to be added where available. If secondary supply not available the batteries may be added where backup supply required. This test unit is used to check wiring connections. Used in commissioning and testing of the systems. Each system has different requirements for this device – check manual for correct selection.